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    The epicenter of the revolution of the “third platform”

    With the expansion of social networks, mobile technologies and virtual applications, the volume
    of data traffic tends to grow exponentially in the next years. To be competitive in an increasingly
    digital environment, the companies have a challenge: how to store the information in a safe and
    efficient way. This scenario means that the infrastructure demands will continue pulling the data
    center market. There are many new opportunities in all sectors of the Brazilian economy, from
    large corporations to small businesses. We must take advantage of this moment.

    Attendees profile

    Corporate professionals:

    • CFOs
    • CEOs
    • IT analysts
    • Engineers
    •  Consultants
    • End-users


    Opinion of Attendees



    • Data centers for the government (municipal, state
      and federal)
    • Cloud computing (public, private, hybrid)
    • Virtualization and server consolidation
    • Big data
    • SDN – software defined network
    • Storage
    • Energy efficiency
    • Cooling
    • Fire protection
    • Data security
    • Access control
    • Cabling
    • Automation, DCIM and data center administration
    • Certifications

    Floor plan